Businesspeople Using Laptops During MeetingIt is no secret that the market for podcasts has reached saturation. In the olden days it was possible for a lowly comedy podcast to pull in a couple of thousand listeners. However, in this age of electric swans it is difficult to make a podcast noise that can be heard over the din of comedians talking about their shits.

This is where we come in-out.

  • Brainjam is a nothing for profit and ‘hair rich’ sketch podcast with an openly view of the media structure networks that burst from the internet pipe. Our staff are the very best at thinking about doing things before not doing anything for a while and then doing a quick draft of a thing on the back of a beer mat. They have over five years of shared experience in doing that and getting away with it.
  • Brainjam knows what you should like and gives it to you. It is the only sketch podcast on the internet, apart from POTOm – which is also the only sketch podcast on the internet. Any other sketch podcast on the internet must be regarded with suspicion, as it is an inferior foreign import and is probably from the moon or somewhere like the moon.
  • Brainjam will bring care  for your children in its certainly none existant state of the art child rearing facility. Just place earphones in your child and leave them alone while you go on holiday for three weeks or have sex with strangers. It is as as as as simple as that, and that also that if you are not completely happy with our servicing you can count some marbles onto your skin.lambada
  • Brainjam is almost entirely vegan and vegetarian friendly and comes with several attachments to allow listening on chairs.
  • Brainjam makes a beautiful present for the dead and it is included ‘as standard’ in the funeral packages of several leading funeral directors, such as:

Granny Burners Ltd.
Death Dump Ltd.
Pound Undertakers Plc.
Andrew Wilson’s Gourmet Meats Ltd.

  • Brainjam’s carbon footprint is slightly less than a country and it has won over ten fictional awards.
  • Brainjam operates as a church in the U.S.A, siphoning millions of dollars intended for the poor into its core brothel business, completely legally.
  • Brainjam loves you.

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