Greetings Professor Falken…

Would you like a nice game of chess, or nearly a decades worth of podcasting history bursting in your face?

Streaming live from 13:00 on Saturday, 18th February, will be…

13:00 – The Gentleman’s Review – That’s right, back for one afternoon, the podcast that ended four years ago with no listeners.

14:30 – A musical interlude.

14:40 – Brainjam – Some old and new sketches read into microphones by the Brainjam folk.

15:10 – Another Musical Interlude

15:20 – Dab & Tench – The old thespians return to deliver half an hour of bollocks.

15:50 – Yet another bloody musical interlude.

16:00 – Wilson & Wolfenden – Martin and Andy also give us half an hour of bollocks.

16:30 – Heavy drinking during a musical interlude.

16:45 – Dipsocast – The drunkards get drunk, drunkenly.

TBA – The End