Andrew Wilson

Andy Wilson was born in the South of England.

However, he did not let this hold him back in life and soon he moved to the North where he breathed a short lived sigh of relief.

He is a shy creature who can only be seen in darkness with the use of night vision goggles. When approached he likes to be stroked and palpated until the police come to take you away.

Andrew has always felt the call to be an entertainer. He attributes this to his early childhood when he received many visits from his Uncle Richard ‘I did believe it’ Wilson.  Who  would burst into Andrews bedroom and insist that he perform every episode of  ‘Only when I laugh,’ a show in which Andrew had once made a brief appearance as some ruffles in James Bolam’s bed sheets.

Andrew likes to collect Ocelots and spends most of his spare time with his lady friends, who affectionately call him Tripod.

He can be seen performing in ‘Java’ at the Office Theatre in Manchester from 9 am every morning.