Martin Wolfenden

Martin Wolfenden (real name: Martintin Wolfentin) was created by a group of cartoon animators in the West Yorkshire town of Halifax.

In 2000 he founded a comedy website called Brainjam with his friend Andy Wilson which closed in 2008 after losing the lengthy copyright infringement battle with the company who supply the jam in jammy dodgers of the same name.

He is predominantly a comedy writer and stand-up comedian, but his most recent and notable posting came in March 2013 when he was approached to be the understudy for Pope Francis. Martin will be called to the Vatican when Pope Frankie is required to attend his other commitments with Italian business partner Mr Benny. Martin has also contributed material to a number of West Yorkshire’s local radio shows, newspapers and magazines. Including BBC Radio Murder, and the Yorkshire Post Box.

He still occasionally performs stand up comedy but mostly distributes new biological material via the Internet in the form of podcasts. In 2010 he began a new comedy partnership with long time friend Andrew Wilson and have been performing as characters Dab and Tench since April 2011.

Currently he can be heard in The Gentleman’s Review podcast a fortnightly audio comedy review, with Andy Wilson and Tom Stringfellow and the Dab and Tench podcast with his comedy partner Andrew Wilson. Both podcasts have been used as a “audio deterrent” as a part of siege negotiations.